Michael Jackson Statues

Michael Jackson Statues

Michael Jackson Statues - The New Masked MJ Statues

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The wait has been long, but they are here! The Michael Jackson Masked Statues that I promised several months ago. As you can see below, we recently found some of the original MJ statues where Michael was wearing his famous black and gold suit with a mask on. Based on the figurines we found then, we managed to copy them and create the exact replicas of the Michael Jackson masked statues that were made 12 years ago.

If you can recall, this types of Michael Jackson statues were never made in large numbers. Only one or two prototypes were made that were given to MJ himself for approval and as a gift. The past porcelain statues we found were just tests and unfinished products. Now, however, you can enjoy these wonderful masked statues of Michael Jackson waving yourself. These will be numbered in a three digit serial number.

There will not be many Michael Jackson statues made. We estimate that we will make a maximum of 300 pieces. If you would like one of these statues, you can either check out my Ebay profile where I will be listing statues for sale, or you can use the "Contact Us" page to ask whatever you want.

Michael Jackson Masked Statue Found

Michael Jackson Masked Statue
Do you remember the Michael Jackson Masked statues? We do. You can see one of the finished products that we made in the picture below (It's the statue on the left). These types of statues were never created in large numbers. That's why they are VERY rare. But good news !

We have found several statues that were made as practice runs and prototypes. There aren't many of them, less than 10 pieces. But this will mean a lot fo great things.

What I will tell you for now is that we will be selling the ones that aren't looking too bad. Each of them are hand decorated in very great detail to look like the ones we settled on 12 years ago. The gold used on them is of very high quality, it even has an electric charge. You can test that for yourself too.
The price for each piece will differ from the other, as some have some minor flaws. If you have any question, use the Contact Us page to ask whatever you want.

A little update:
All pieces have been sold. But this is not the end of the Masked Statues. Keep an eye on the blog here to see what news we have.

Michael Jackson Statues - New Bust Statues Of Michael Jackson

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These are the new Michael Jackson Bust Statues. You can also see in the picure the old Bust type Michael Jackson Statues we had. We decided to make these as every celebrity deserves to have such a statue of themselves. We felt like the older ones were too little and didn't quite feel right when we looked at them.

These Michael Jackson statues are made from the same type of high quality porcelain and dyes that we used on all of our statues, old and new. In order to get your hands on one of these, you can use the "Contact Us" page and ask whatever you want there, even order one, or you can find us on Ebay.

Michael Jackson Statues - The Story Behind Them

My name is Istrate Adrian, in the '90s my family had a little porcelain factory. We didn't produce large quantities of items, we opted for limited edition, high-quality, hand made items. We have been creating masterpieces for years.

In 1998, Dieter Wiesner, the director of Mistery Germany, contacted me and ordered a series of statues resembling Michael Jackson. Not long after that, 1000 pieces were completed in beautiful gold and platinum colors and finished, by hand, with face like colors for greater detail. Those statues were numbered and sent to Germany to be sold by the Mistery company as souvenirs. We started creating more statues but halted the production because of a series of scandals Michael Jackson got involved in.

Today, we have a little under 1000 pieces left in their crude form which we airbrush in gold paint completely. The Michael Jackson statues represent the King of Pop in the HIStory 1997-1998 tour.  When Michael was in Japan, he got a visit from Dieter Wiesner which showed him two of the models we have created for him. One of those are the ones we still have today although they had more detail back then. Seeing the statues , Michael Jackson insisted to have his picture taken with them and Mr. Wiesner so that he could put an autograph on it and send it to us as a token of his admiration with our work.

Today, these statues are waiting for true fans to get them and hold on to something to remember Michael Jackson by, besides the wonderful albums he left us.

Michael Jackson Statue - Unique Throne Statue

Special Michael Jackson Statue
This piece you see right here is a very unique item. If you are a true Michael Jackson fan then maybe, and I mean MAYBE, you have seen it or heard of it. Here is the history behind this beautiful Michael Jackson statue.

This piece was designed and executed in 1998 for the birthday of the King of Pop.

Only two pieces were made: one of them is in Neverland and the second in the designers private collection here in Romania, this piece which you see right here.

The second statue was ordered by Michael Jackson, through Mr.
Dieter Wiesner. It was for the South Africa president at that time, Nelson Mandela . Sadly it never reached Nelson Mandela and remained here, in Romania.

The statue is hand made and has a lot of carefully planted details. We used high quality dyes, lusters and gold (CERDES).

The base is made from hard wood and treated with 7 layers of varnish. On the front of the base there is an engraved solid brass plate. The glass encasing has two handels if you need to remove it. The dimensions are: Height 58 cm ( 22.8 inches), Length 40 cm (15.7 inches) and Width 25cm ( 9.8 inches).
There are no other pieces like these in the world.

This piece is no longer available.

Michael Jackson Statues - The Very First One

This is one of the final pieces that were made back in 1998 that were shown to Michael Jackson himself to get his approval. One of the very few prototypes that were made. They weren't meant to be sold, just to make sure it was what MJ wanted. You can see him holding such a piece in the picture above. The piece has been sold now. If any more become available, you will find out here.

Michael Jackson Statues - A Few Details

The Michael Jackson statues represent, as said before, the King of Pop in his 1997-1998 HIStory tour. They are 35 cm tall and made from fine porcelain. They are being airbrushed with gold paint brought in from Germany. The paint is being cold treated with another substance to make sure they will remain exactly the way they are now for years to come.  The writing on the base of the Michael Jackson statues says "Michael Jackson History King of Pop", and on the back it says "Mystery".


These types of Michael Jackson statues
will no longer be available. We will try and color them in much greater detail. Once we have done a few some pictures of them will be posted here.

Michael Jackson Statues - The All New Statues With Facial Details!

We finally decided on how to make the all new Michael Jackson statues. They are now painted with Iris paint, the type of paint that changes color depending on the light and we painted the face in a lot more detail. The previous gold colored ones were expensive to make and the gold paint itself needed a special chemical to keep it from fading over the years, which was hard to find. These new Michael Jackson statues are a lot better and we are certain that the fans out there will like them more.

Michael Jackson Statues Important Update

Since before Christmas we started encountering some difficulties with the Michael Jackson Statues, the model shown above. We haven't been able to deal with these difficulties for now and don't really expect to in the future. The nature of these difficulties will remain private for now. So, as of now, these type of statues will no longer be available.

However, new models are currently being disscused and may appear within a few months. The same high detail and quality statues that have been made from the beginning. Keep an eye on the website as I will be posting any updates as I get them. Feel free to bookmark it.
Here is a little video for you to watch while reading the website. This is one of my favourite songs/video of Michael Jackson. Enjoy!